Analysing export performance in Spanish agrofood auxiliary companies: the role of eco-innovation

The main objective of this study is to contribute to the existing debate on the link between export activity and eco-innovation, using Spanish agrofood auxiliary companies. For that purpose, a cluster analysis has been carried out and two groups of companies have been identified, that is low and high export performance. The languages spoken in the company, export revenues, export experience, international promotion expenses and positioning strategies are the variables that most contribute to distinguishing these groups. The results also show that the age of the management is a key factor in being more export-oriented, as are the control of inputs through
information and communication technologies, the implementation of environmental innovations, and partnerships with universities and research centres. The main contributions of this study are: firstly, to broaden the sectoral scope of the research, which was previously focused on the industrial sector; secondly, to analyse the factors that can influence strategic decision-making; finally, the results provide information of interest to companies that wish to increase their eco-innovative processes through export orientation.