Impact of agricultural advisory services and innovativeness on perceived farms’ performance: case of dairy milk farms in Northern Algeria

Agricultural advisory services play a crucial role in rural development, particularly in supporting smallholder farmers. This study aims to explore i) the impact of agricultural advisory services and strategic orientations, including market orientations and innovations, on farmers’ perceived performances, and ii) the role of advisory services on stimulating these strategic orientations. The focus pertains to a sample of 146 dairy farms in Tizi Ouzou region in northern Algeria. A SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) model using Smart-PLS software was performed. The results show that innovativeness and the access to necessary advices, influenced by the degree of access to various advisory systems, significantly and positively impact perceived performances. By catalyzing innovations, agricultural advisory services also exert an indirect influence on farms’ performance. The farmers which are open to innovations tend to have a positive view of their farm’s performance. This underscores the importance of supporting and strengthening agricultural advisory systems to meet local demands, encourage innovative practices and enhance overall performance.