Work and Living Conditions of Syrians in Turkey and Their Situation in The Agricultural Sector

The purpose of this research is to find out how Syrians with temporary protection status in Turkey live and work, as well as how they are treated in the agriculture industry, from the point of view of Syrians. The study used a survey-based approach to collect primary data from 210 Syrian asylum seekers residing in Hatay province, which hosts a substantial population of Syrian refugees, accounting for 18% of the province’s total population. The researchers employed the Simple Random Sampling Method to select the participants, ensuring a representative sample from the overall Syrian refugee population in the region. While a notable proportion of respondents (37%) reported having no major problems at their workplaces, a substantial portion (44%) faced significant challenges. These challenges encompassed issues such as low wages, heavy workloads, language barriers hindering communication, social exclusion, and a lack of access to social security benefits. The research brought attention to the vulnerable position of Syrian refugees in the labor market and the need for comprehensive measures to improve their working conditions and overall well-being.