Impact of social expeditures on multidimensional poverty in Turkey

Reducing poverty is a critical priority for developing countries. Despite the government allocating approximately 13% of the GDP to social support expenditures, poverty affects around 15% of the population in Turkey. However, there is a need for more research that measures the effects of social expenditures, which is a fundamental tool in the fight against poverty, while also considering the current developments in poverty measurement methods.
This study aims to measure the impact of social support expenditures on poverty in Turkey.
The study compares a multidimensional poverty approach to a one-dimensional approach.
The effects of social support expenditures on households in Turkey were analyzed using econometric methods. The study finds that multidimensional poverty values are approximately 2.5 times higher than one-dimensional values. Government spending was found to have no impact on multidimensional poverty, while private expenditure had a relatively minor impact. The paper concludes by discussing the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of government social expenditures in Turkey.