Consumption of organic meat products in France: An analysis based on panel data (scanner dataset)


The consumption of organic meat products has been characterized using the Kantar Worldpanel data col-lected from 2012 to 2014. Based on the price of the total quantity purchased and the amount spent on each purchase, several indicators were calculated and their values compared between organic households (OHs) and nonorganic households (NOHs). OHs were characterized according to sociodemographic and attitudi-nal variables. Finally, a logit model was constructed to determine the likelihood of belonging to the organic household category. Consumption is low in terms of the proportion of households that purchase organic meat (O-ME) and meat products (O-MPs), the average quantity purchased per year and per purchasing household (2 kg and 0.9 kg respectively), and purchasing frequency. These values are below those reported by questionnaire surveys which can be attributed to an attitude-behavior gap. The main organic meat prod-ucts purchased are bovine meat and pork processed products. Moreover, being part of a family with children and living in a big city increase the probability of purchasing O-ME and O-MPs.