The internationalization of the Italian organic enterprises

The internationalization of the Italian organic enterprises

New Medit, vol 16, n.3, (September 2017), pp. 47-55

Language: EN
Jel classification: F10, Q13, Q17

This paper focuses on the internationalization processes of Italian organic firms, trying to contribute to knowledge about the process characteristics and the firms’ strategies. The main factors influencing export business are identified along with the critical issues and the firms’ strategies. An ad hoc questionnaire was used to collect data on 71 Italian organic firms with export activities. A logistic model was applied to assess the link between the internationalization process and the firms’ characteristics. Results show that farm size, external support and shared decision-making strategy, among other things, are important determinants of the internationalization process for organic firms. These factors show a different relevance depending on the export propensity. Results can provide policy indications in order to support and better target the international development of organic firms.

organic enterprises, internationalization, export propensity, logistic regression

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