Stratégies des éleveurs laitiers du Cheliff (Algérie)

Stratégies des éleveurs laitiers du Cheliff (Algérie)

New Medit, vol 16, n.3, (September 2017), pp. 19-27

Language: FR
Jel classification: Q120, Q130

Following a survey conducted in 2010, this study aims to investigate the diversity of dairy cattle farming systems in the region of Chelif, Algeria, and to explore the strategies developed by the different types of farmers identified. Multivariate statistical methods are applied based on structural criteria (land tenure, livestock size, labour unit) and strategic criteria (specialization, diversification), level of economic performance and degree of market integration. The five classes of farmers described adopt different strategies in terms of livestock management and milk marketing, which reflect their rejection of specialization. Findings indicate that the national policy goal of increasing milk production cannot be achieved unless the guaranteed producer price is revised.

dairy farming, dairy cow, milk production, management strategy, Algeria.

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