Analysis of Italian consumer preferences for beef

Analysis of Italian consumer preferences for beef

New Medit, vol 13, n.1, (March 2014), pp. 66-72

Language: EN
Jel classification: D12, Q11

The evolution of food demand is strictly linked to the change in consumer preferences. In the beef sector people’s attention is growing for specific aspects related to food quality, safety, environmental issues and animal welfare. In this framework, it is more and more important to understand the consumer’s choice dynamics in order to develop differentiated marketing, commercial and communication strategies. The purpose of this paper is to analyse and to point out the Italian consumer preferences for beef. This research uses the choice model approach to assess consumer behaviour. In November 2011, a visual discrete choice experiment was administered online by a specific provider to a sample of 1500 consumers, representative of the Italian population for sex, age and residence. The results highlight the crucial importance of beef cut in the final choice, and reaffirm the central role played by the country of origin labelling (COOL). On the contrary, breed information and price marginally affect the final purchasing decision. These insights provide strategic information for public and private agents involved in the beef sector.

beef, consumer preferences, choice model, Italy

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