Une nouvelle stratégie pour l’agriculture marocaine: Plan Maroc Vert

Une nouvelle stratégie pour l’agriculture marocaine: Plan Maroc Vert

New Medit, Vol 11, n. 2, (June 2012), pp. 12-23


Language: FR

Jel classifications: Q18


Over the last years Morocco has worked out a new agricultural strategy named «Green Morocco Plan». This article intends to underpin some “good ideas” but also to raise some criticalities. A first criticism goes towards its standard approach and its “technicist” dimension. A second criticality is its bias towards “large-sized farms” that may destabilize family-run agriculture, which is the only reality in the rural world. A third criticality addresses the ultra-productivist model of agriculture in this plan which is dangerous for the environment and natural resources. Choices made at production levels do not seem to take in serious consideration the protection of food security in the country. The aggregation-based organization is viewed with some skepticism, mainly for its pretention to be easily replicable. The second pillar forced us to question whether it will be a “supporting” accompanying measure or a dumping ground of the first pillar… As to the governance of the Green Morocco Plan, it seems to be too red-tape and elitist, which may raise some concern.


agricultural development strategies, Green Morocco Plan, family-run agriculture, productivist model, food security, contract agriculture

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