Value Chain and Typicity Analysis in Jaén Mountain Olive Oil, Spain

Value Chain and Typicity Analysis in Jaén Mountain Olive Oil, SpainNew Medit, vol 14, n.3, (September 2015), pp. 50-60

Language: EN
Jel classification: Q12, Q13, R32

Traditional mountain olive groves -on slopes greater than 15%, non-irrigated and low-yielding- constitute 40% of the Jaén olive cultivation land. We estimate the profitability of the Jaén’s olive oil value chain and its spatial differentiation, segmenting the analysis by: types of cultivation systems; its location in mountain or lowland areas; phases of the supply chains; and bulk and bottled oil chains. A first objective is to examine the competitive disadvantages of local mountain olive oil systems, verifying that a great majority of the mountain oils have a negative private profitability. Another objective is to prove if mountain oils present characteristics of typicity, compared to lowland oils, which may generate marketing-mix attributes that enhance obtaining differentiation-related income. Special attention is paid to designation of origin and organic farming labels.

profitability, value added, mountain farming, quality labels, olive oil

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