Les formes de coordination entre les acteurs de la filière lait au niveau de la région de Chéliff

Les formes de coordination entre les acteurs de la filière lait au niveau de la région de Chéliff

New Medit, vol 13, n.3, (September 2014), pp. 39-49

Language: FR
Jel classification: Q120, Q130

This paper explains the modes of transactions and forms of coordination between the various agents of the dairy industry in the Chéliff region in Algeria. The main objective is to understand the strategy developed for sale or supply. It seems that forms of coordination exist, vary from one region to another, depending on the nature of the system (formal or informal). The informal one is an effective system of economic and social organization insofar as it ensures a joint coordination beyond the spot market by forming reciprocal agreements based on trust and oral contractual relationships. However, the forms of coordination between formal agreements are between “products-specificity contracts” and “production factors” contracts in a framework governed by state regulations in terms of quantity, price and quality whose efficiency is higher for small private dairies in comparison with state-run dairy farms by the use of hybrid coordination mechanisms.

coordination, dairy farms, Chéliff, Algeria


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