Production et mise sur le marché du lait en Algérie, entre formel et informel. Stratégies des éleveurs du périmètre irrigué du Haut-Cheliff

Production et mise sur le marché du lait en Algérie, entre formel et informel. Stratégies des éleveurs du périmètre irrigué du Haut-Cheliff

New Medit, vol 13, n.1, (March 2014), pp. 41-49

Language: FR
Jel classification: Q120, Q130

The main problem of dairy industry in Algeria is aid to consumption of cheap milk, made from dry milk powder. In the area of Haut-Cheliff, the problem of developing fresh milk industry has taken centre stage because this is an important milk-producing region which reflects the current state of the national dairy sector. Whatever the segment of this supply chain, shortcomings and failures are clearly visible. The collection rate is low and ranges from 11 to 12% in the area under investigation. A poorly specialized production system and a collection system providing few incentives encourage milk distribution through uncontrolled marketing channels or informal channels. The sale of milk through informal channels is more profitable and is favoured by the proximity of many agglomerations. There is an increasing tendency towards legitimization and formalization of these circuits by integrating traditionally manufactured products, mainly butter, Raib (curd) and L’ben (fermented milk) into marketing channels (groceries, stores, etc).

dairy industry, production, marketing channels, Algeria

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