Une lecture dans la politique agricole et alimentaire en Tunisie: Pour une nouvelle vision

Une lecture dans la politique agricole et alimentaire en Tunisie: Pour une nouvelle vision

New Medit, vol 11, n.2, (June 2012), pp. 24-28

Language: FR
Jel classification: Q18

The Tunisian agricultural and food policy that has been followed over the last three decades, while seeking rural development objectives, relied mostly on the efficiency argument provided by market mechanisms. The main tools put into play were price and structural policies. In both cases one could identify a set of intervention areas resting on the role of the internal market, while attempting to preserve consumer purchasing power, to support family farming, promote export, mobilize natural resources, develop rural infrastructure, etc. (MARH-AFD, 2010). Despite the apparent achievements in terms of agricultural production and/or rural development aspects, however, the relative share of agriculture has kept declining over time both in gross domestic product and employment. Further growth and development in the agricultural sector seem to be increasingly challenged in view of resource degradation resulting fromcrop intensification, world market instability and the increasing pressure on natural resources. Moreover, recent events in the country revealed the existence of significant distribution problems in the form of social inequities, as a consequence, at least partly, of the development policies adopted in the past.Within this context, new challenges are emerging pointing out to the need for better argumentation of future policy setting and implementation. The suggestions made in this paper call for a thorough review of internal policy support for producers and consumers as well as the identification of relevant mechanisms to promote agricultural exports. These suggestions draw also the attention to the needed care when dealing with the opening up of borders to trade along with a better synchronization of the training and research functions in the light of the agricultural sector development priorities.

agricultural policy, producer and consumer support, market protection


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