The social capital for Adriatic small pelagic fish value-enhancing: a network analysis

The social capital for Adriatic small pelagic fish value-enhancing: a network analysis

New Medit, vol 11, n.1, (March 2012), pp. 27-32


Language: EN
Jel classification: Q22, D85


Fishing effort reduction forced by the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) designed to achieve sustainable stock levels has caused a fall-off in the incomes of fishermen and coastal communities. These events are particularly dramatic for the small pelagic fish market, which is characterized by low prices, a low level of consumption and poor market penetration. This paper evaluates the value of the social capital network as substance of relationships among the Adriatic small pelagic fish (Engraulis encrasicolus anchovies, Sardina pilchardus sardines and Scomber scombrus mackerel) supply chain actors; starting from the definition of each marketplace role and commercial flows, the paper defines the supply chain value-system and the possibility to enhance the fishery’s share value, according to increasing relationships. Applied approach of the value chain to different supply chains of the Adriatic fishery system made it possible to estimate value distribution among the phases of the chain and to understand the fishery firms’ competitive position. Critical aspects causing fishing firms’ low profitability were detected and analyzed through the Social Network Analysis (SNA). Five local small pelagic fishery systems (Manfredonia, Molfetta, Ancona, Martinsicuro and Chioggia) were studied. For each of them, small pelagic fish supply chains were defined with particular reference to the role of local fish marketplaces and operators involved. Analysis of production areas revealed profound differences both in structural aspects (fleet composition, vessels, type and structure of local fish markets, fish ranges and prices) and in the business relations and management of supply chain dealers.


small pelagic fish supply chain, social network analysis, value system

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