Valorisation des espaces ruraux en Algerie: une nouvelle strategie participative

Valorisation des espaces ruraux en Algerie: une nouvelle strategie participative

New Medit, vol 10, n.1, (March 2011), pp. 17-24

Language: FR
Jel classification: Q18, R58

This paper analyzes the impact of rural development projects in Algeria as part of the new participatory strategy. The recent evolution is assessed based on the characterization of the rural environment and the analysis of several indicators in Mascara. The Sustainable Rural Development Index increases year over year and varies according to the area. The Rural Economic Development Index is low compared to the Human and Social Development Index, which explains a significant rural migration in the region. The Employment Structuring Index in rural areas show a certain fragility confirmed by a significant number of temporary work. The agricultural development index remains low despite the vocation of the region; this is ascribable to a prolonged aridity and inadequate means. The Environment Development index is hard to measure in the field. However, we can observe new innovating activities in the forestry sector for the period 2009 – 2014 and the highest number of projects (206) on the enhancement of natural resources

rural development, development index, evaluation program, Algerian region

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