Economic losses related to raw milk quality on commercial dairy farms in Kosovo

Economic losses related to raw milk quality on commercial dairy farms in Kosovo

New Medit, vol 8, n.3, (September 2009), pp. 49-53


Language: EN
Jel classification: Q120, Q130


The main goal of this research is to study the impact of somatic cell counts (SCC) on the profitability of commercial dairy farms in Kosovo based on the existing raw milk quality standards in order to determine the economic losses caused by high somatic cell counts in the raw milk produced by Kosovo dairy farms. The research results come from individual raw milk samples that were taken from June to September 2007 on 50 farms in the Dukagjini region and in the Kosovo plain. These samples were collected from 656 lactating cows out of a total of 816 cows under investigation. The strategy of the study is based in the collection and analysis of data concerning the following parameters: SCC, herd size, raw milk yield, raw milk protein and application of proper milking procedures. Based on the existing administrative instruction for raw milk quality standards for the year 2007, research found that the overall annual financial losses calculated on the 50 dairy farms under investigation reached an amount of 42,263 per year, whilst the average annual financial loss per farm was 845. Sixty-four percent (64%) of the 50 dairy farms produced milk that fell in Class III of the Administrative Order and received a price being 20% lower than the Class I price, resulting in an average annual loss of 2,772 euros/farm.


quality standards, milk industry, farm management, Kosovo

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