Impact of Young Farmers Supports on the Young Farmers’ Willingness to Continue Farm Activities: A Case of TR52 Region in Türkiye

There has been an increase in the demand for agricultural products and different support programs are implemented by countries to keep a sufficient, economically active population in agriculture. The aim of this study was to examine the impacts of the Young Farmer Support Program (YFP) in Türkiye. The primary data for this study was obtained from face-to-face surveys conducted with 155 young farmers. The logit model was used to analyse the factors affecting the willingness of young farmers to continue agricultural activities. The results showed that about half of the young farmers were not satisfied with the provided support, and 23.7% of them considered exiting the agricultural sector. The results of the Logit model showed that the satisfaction from the Program, the presence of social facilities in the rural areas, crop diversity, agricultural insurance, and investments in the farms were statistically significant and had an impact on the willingness of young farmers to continue their farm activities. Diversifying and expanding the scope of support policies for young farmers could make significant contributions to keeping young farmers in the agricultural sector and rural areas.