Covid 19, Taxes Trump et Brexit: Comparaison des effets sur les exportations françaises de vin entre vignerons indépendants et coopératives vinicoles

In this paper, we aim at assessing the effects of the 2019-2020 context (Covid 19, Brexit, Trump Taxes) on exporting activities of wine companies, relying on a survey carried out on French exporting wine companies. The aim is also to observe possible different effect on independent wineries and cooperatives. On a theoretical level, we adopt the institutional approach often mobilized in the field of international management which we will complete with recent work on the effects of disturbances in the institutional context and crisis management. Five main results have been obtained: (1) effects that were generally mastered by both independent wineries and cooperatives; (2) additional pressure on exports from the domestic market; (3): contrasting effects of changes in the institutional environment, with marked importance for disruptions due to the health crisis; (4) significant and differentiated adaptations of companies, and finally, (5) a distinct resilience according to territorial anchoring and export strategies with marked differences between independent wineries and cooperatives.