Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior in Agricultural Pesticide Use of Kiwi Farmers

In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of producers in pesticides use. The study was conducted in 7 provinces of Türkiye (Yalova, Bursa, Ordu, Rize, Mersin, Samsun and Sakarya) where are significant potential in Türkiye’s kiwi production and these provinces constitute approximately 90% of Türkiye’s total kiwi production in terms of production. According to the findings of study, the average age of the producers was 50.2 and the average of their agricultural activity period was 24.8. The average land size of the producers is 32.4 decares, the average fruit land is 22.9 decares and the average kiwi cultivation area is 14.7 decares. While 60% of the producers stated that they obtained pesticides and fertilizers from agrochemical dealers, 33.7% of them applied spraying when they first observed the disease, 40.1% of the producers stated that they determined the time and pesticide amounts to be used according to their own experiences. It has been determined that approximately 92% of the producers think that the agricultural pesticides used have negative effects on human health. To mitigate the negative effects of agrochemical overuse on both human health and the environment, policy makers and agricultural institutions should prioritize educational campaigns aimed at raising awareness among farmers.