Investigating causes of informal market for fresh meat: the case of Tirana prefecture, Albania


This study is about the level and factors of informality concerning the fresh meat market in the prefecture of Tirana-Albania. Sample data for 200 households have been used to carry out the study. Descriptive statistics, linear and logistic multinomial econometric modeling techniques are used to analyze the data. The level of informality is 34%, while its major factors are the level of price, as well as safety and quality of meat. Other determinants are household’s income and consumption quantity and ineffective public monitoring system, while the education of the household’s header seems of dubious effect. Important policy implications would be improving the legislation, regulations and the tax system performance. Other recommendations would be improving the rule of law to prevent informal selling and stimulate legal trade. Design and maintain a pro-poor business policy for a positive investment climate encouraging employment and income generation is a priority. Rigorous control of production standards and stimulation of good farming practices as well as improving detection and the use of repressive measures would be some necessities but also tough challenges for the future.