Gender differences in farm entrepreneurship: comparing farming performance of women and men in Italy


Gender differences in rural enterprise are a relevant field of analysis which calls for a deeper investiga-tion concerning key variables affecting farm’s performance and on the basis of gender. This paper tries to explore eventual gender gaps in the farms of Italy. Two variables are investigated: “Who” variable discriminate farm’s manager on the basis of gender under a constituent perspective of female entrepre-neurship. “Where” context is articulated in business, social and spatial context, with the aim of excavat-ing the multiple dimensions of farm entrepreneurship. In order to bring out the differences between male and female condominium farms in Italy, an econometric model was applied, with the aim of identifying context-related differences. The results confirm gender gaps related to farm performance, networking, diversification strategies and access to rural policies, by enlightening diverse paths of development in rural enterprises on the basis of explanatory variables. Therefore, adopted methodology reveals its utility in explaining gender gaps and addressing targeted policy implication at the beginning of a new program-ming era for the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

Keywords: Gender Gaps, Context, Rural Enterprise.