Caractéristiques du paysage et propension à acheter du vin: une expérience de choix

Caractéristiques du paysage et propension à acheter du vin: une expérience de choix

New Medit, vol 13, n.3, (September 2014), pp. 31-38

Language: FR
Jel classification: C81, C87, Q13

The objective of this study was to investigate the purchase intention and the importance of landscape quality in the wine market. Therefore, we developed a choice experiment aiming at a group of respondents involved in blind wine tasting sessions. The results highlighted that the importance of wine characteristics for the respondents varied greatly and that an attractive landscape had an effect on wine perception. Indeed, we noticed that associating the wine to an image with a striking visual impact, i.e. an evocative landscape, induced a substantially higher preference for the wine purchase. Moreover, the application of random parameter Logit models led to the conclusion that the respondents, although homogeneous from a social and demographic point of view, had a different approach to wine evaluation or appreciation, and that the ability to choose a good wine was related to age.

wine, landscape, choice experiment, Random Parameter Logit Model

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