L’industrie brassicole méditerranée: concentration, restructuration et évolutions récentes

L’industrie brassicole méditerranée: concentration, restructuration et évolutions récentes

New Medit, vol 11, n.3, (September 2012), pp. 22-34

Language: FR
Jel classification: L21, L66, M16

The aim of this paper is to analyze the consolidation of multinational groups, more specifically of the Mediterranean beer companies. Indeed, an increasing and unprecedented consolidation of the brewing industry has been recorded over the last years. We will explore several factors which might explain this dynamics and give an overview of mergers and acquisitions in the Mediterranean region, including the establishment of new plants of northern multinational firms in southern countries, in partnership with local players. Consolidation has significantly been accelerated in the 2000s by refocusing on the core business of the beer industry and this trend can be mainly explained by the maturity of the European market. Today the large brewers tend to switch to emerging and more promising markets and the beer sector is dominated by an oligopoly at the global level and in the Mediterranean region.

concentration, beer industry, Mediterranean region

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