Mediterranean rural territories

Mediterranean rural territories

New Medit, vol 8, n. 3, (September 2009), pp. 4-11


Language: EN
Jel classification: Q180, O180


Despite the radical differences related to different demographic, economic and social dynamics- between the north and the south of the Mediterranean region as regards the evolution of rural areas, in recent years a strong convergence has paradoxically appeared concerning the need for a territorial approach to rural development policies in the whole region. There is extensive literature, reviewed briefly in this article, on the scientific grounds legitimising this territorial approach. Recent experiences, both in the North and in the South, show that local community organisations have a key role to play in the effective promotion of rural development for the benefit of the poorest and weakest. However, many obstacles need to be overcome for that role to be effective, both in the North and in the South. Possible failures would greatly jeopardise the current and desirable future efforts that should be undertaken to face the difficult conditions of the poorest populations in the Southern and Eastern countries of the region.


rural development, territorial policy, Mediterranean countries

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