Water management and water scarcity perspectives in the Mediterranean

Water management and water scarcity perspectives in the Mediterranean

New Medit, vol 7, n. 1, (March 2008), pp. 13-17


Language: EN
Jel classification: Q250, Q280


In the Mediterranean region, the increasing gap between potential water availability and foreseeable demand requires management policies for water use and management based on short, medium and long term development plans which should take into account social, economic and environmental criteria. The imbalance between the limited water supply and the steadily increasing demand leads to serious conflicts over water resources and to the degradation of water quality in all users sectors in the major countries of the region. To overcome those conflicts, a new water management approach is needed: integrated water supply and water demand management in all sectors and particularly in agriculture that receives more than 80% of the available water resources, but with losses higher than 50%. Much work remains to be done in order to elaborate the concept of supply and demand management into implemental policies, programmes and actions through the use of the appropriate tools that legal and economic policy, scientific and technological advancement gave us. This is the challenge the developing countries in the region are facing to meet the increasingly water demand and to safeguard and sustain the limited and fragile water resources.


water management, Mediterranean countries

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