Issues New Medit

Azucena GRACIA, Seda EKINCI, Luis Miguel ALBISU

Consumer's buying decision process for nuts in Spain

New Medit, vol 2, n.3, (September 2003), pp. 22-27

Language: EN

Spain is the second almond producer and exporter in the world. The consumption of walnuts (mainly imported from USA) is higher than almonds. Home consumption of walnuts and almonds has decreased by 50% and 64% respectively from 1987 to 1997. Nut consumption at home, although losing share in relation to total nut consumption, is still important and the consumer's behaviour at home is very relevant. The present study provides some interesting results for decision makers, in the public and in the private sector, to design appropriate advertising and promotion campaigns with the aim of enhancing nut consumption at home. Walnuts and almonds are highly substitutive. Expenditure and prices have a great influence on buying decision, and socio-demographic characteristics on how much to buy. Those signals should be used adequately for promotion purposes.

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