Les performances techniques des dattes biologiques et conventionnelles en Tunisie: cas de la région de Hezoua

New Medit, Vol. 11, n. 3, (September 2012), pp. 50-58


Language: FR
Jel classification: C51, Q12


The objective of this study is to identify the level of technical efficiency and the socio-economic determinants of date-growing farms, comparing the conventional and the organic production method. An estimation model was developed for 84 private date-growing farms in Hezoua (Tozeur) using the stochastic frontier production function approach applied to cross section data. The scores relating to technical efficiency indicate that the average technical efficiency in organic farms is about 93% as against 80% of conventional farms. Thus efficiency is positively affected by the farm history when the organic production method is adopted while it is affected by water and soil management, farmers’ training level and multi-activity in conventional farming. In contrast, the high planting density and the establishment of new irrigation schemes have a negative impact on efficiency of both growing methods.


organic dates, technical efficiency, stochastic frontier, Hezoua

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