Organic agriculture in Syria: policy options

Organic agriculture in Syria: policy options

New Medit, vol 9, n.1, (March 2010), pp. 47-53

Language: EN
Jel classification: Q180, Q380

The paper deals with the need for an integrated approach for organic agriculture in Syria, where the ecological and socio-economic conditions require a profound change of both present agricultural policies and technological approach. The history and evolution of organic agriculture, as well as the world consumer market are briefly illustrated in order to show the potential of organic food systems in Syria. The motivations and goals of the governments to act for the strengthening of organic agri-food chains are explained, while the last paragraph lists the possible intervention areas and some of the actions to be taken, in the short and medium term, for a sustainable organic reform of agriculture and animal production, for both domestic food security and foreign markets. The paper also underlines the need for a participatory approach and for the involvement of the private sector and of the Civil Society Organizations in the organic policy elaboration and implementation.

organic farming, policy options, Syria

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